Dreux High Efficiency One Piece Elongated Toilet with 0.8 GPF Water Saving Elite Technology

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  • SM-1T180

Introducing the Swiss Madison Dreux Toilet with Elite Flush Technology. This technology creates a highly efficient toilet, conserving water and reducing expenses. The patented hydraulic system delivers an unparalleled ultra-silent flush and uses significantly less water than a standard 1.6 GPF toilet with just 0.8 GPF. The Elite Technology utilizes air to create a powerful vacuum-force powered flush to thoroughly clean the bowl using less water. This sleek, one-piece, eco-friendly, toilet cuts your water consumption in half while doubling the performance.



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  • Elite Flush Technology uses significantly less water than standard toilets while maintaining consistent flushing power
  • Patented Vacuum-Assist Elite Technology delivers a quiet and powerful 0.8 flush
  • Save money on your bills - cut your yearly water consumption in half by saving an average of 3650 gallons of water per year
  • Built with sturdy virtuous china for lasting performance
  • Maximum MaP Rating Received of 1000 Grams