Cascade Smart Toilet Seat Bidet

  • Regular price $295.00
  • SM-STS21

The Cascade Smart Seat Bidet gives users a reliable and refreshing experience in hygiene, convenience, and comfort. Easy to install, this user-friendly intelligent seat cover offers a stylish thin design with multiple functions. From instant water heating to self-cleaning nozzles, the Cascade Smart Seat Bidet was built with luxury and convenience in mind.


 Installation Manual


  • Adjustable Spray Positioning
  • Adjustable Water Temperature
  • Adjustable Heated Seat
  • Nozzle Cleaning
  • Night Light
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty
  • Compatible Toilets: SM-1T112, SM-1T113, SM-1T114, SM-1T118, SM-1T119, SM-1T121, SM-1T122, SM-1T123, SM-1T127, SM-1T128, SM-1T129, SM-1T205, SM-1T206, SM-1T253, SM-1T254, SM-1T265, SM-2T130, SM-2T220