Carre Wall Hung Elongated Toilet Bowl, Matte Black

  • Regular price $840.00
  • SM-WT455MB

The Carré Wall-Hung Elongated Toilet Bowl was built with a Slymm™ soft-close and quick-release seat, making it not only very comfortable, but easy to use. This toilet has a sleek and seamless design that is easy to use and clean. This space-saving wall-hung toilet is compatible with our wall-hung toilet carrier systems and actuator plates. 


 Installation Manual


  • Wall-Hung Toilet Carrier & Actuator Plate Required
  • Pairs Seamlessly with Carrier Tank SM-WC424 or SM-WC426 (not included)
  • Pairs Seamlessly with Actuator Plates SM-WC001, SM-CSWC002 or SM-WC003 (not included)
  • Fully Glazed Trapway 
  • Durable Ceramic Material
  • Soft-Close, Quick-Release Toilet Seat
  • Matte Black Finish
  • L: 21 7/16 x W: 14 9/16 x H: 14 3/4
  • ADA Compliant